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Everything you need to know about using Yelp to get more online reviews for your business

Yelp is a leader among online review sites

How can I get Yelp reviews for my business?

If you’re familiar with reading online reviews for businesses then you are very aware of Yelp. Yelp reviews are powerful and as a business owner, you should know how much consumer influence your Yelp rating holds when it comes to your online reputation.  Yelp is a powerful factor when it comes to influencing consumer behaviors and ultimately whether or not consumers make the decision to choose your business or potentially one of your competitors.  

Your business’ Yelp profile and Yelp reviews can play a large role in whether or not your business stands out to consumers looking for your products or services.  Businesses with a high volume of positive Yelp reviews will win more business than those with less positive or low volume.


Your Yelp star rating could be the only factor some consumers consider

Whether you’re just starting out on Yelp, or are have an established profile and following, the information below will help position you with everything you need to know about getting more Yelp reviews and better managing your Yelp reviews to grow your business.

Having more Yelp reviews is an important factor, the data backs it up.

According to data that has been shared by Yelp, there were over 224 million reviews written for businesses on the Yelp platform at the end of 2020 and they show no signs of slowing the pace of growth. Additionally, over 31 million unique devices visited Yelp in 2020, those visitors go to Yelp via a mobile or desktop device. Those 31 million devices are going to read your online reviews and use them as the basis for their decision to do business with you.

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Your business, no matter the type, needs more Yelp reviews

Regardless of what type of business you’re in, odds are people are reviewing you online and you should focus on generating new reviews as frequently as possible.  If you’re thinking that Yelp reviews aren’t that big of a factor for businesses in your industry, in reality the truth is that having a strong Yelp rating, and getting more Yelp reviews will only help your business.

As you can see below, yes, there are industries that tend to get reviewed more often than others, the important factor here is that all industries are covered on Yelp and end up getting reviewed by consumers. So still think Yelp isn’t for your business? (Source: Yelp Fast Facts)

Yelp Online Review Statistics

Getting more Yelp reviews and what you need to know

If you are not well versed with Yelp, we think it’s important to mention that Yelp is widely known for being very strict regarding how businesses get reviews on their platform. According to Yelp’s policy pertaining content guidelines, they don’t want businesses to solicit reviews from customers. Yelp’s support article states the following,  “Your best bet to get positive, unbiased reviews about your business from a customer is by providing a high quality, memorable customer experience without the expectation or encouragement of a review in return.” (Source: Yelp Support Center) Yes, even verbal requests for a review can be interpreted as a violation of their policy. 

As a business owner that is trying to get more Yelp reviews, what is the best approach?

Having this knowledge in advance is very valuable,  because now that you know asking for Yelp reviews in any form is against their policies, the best approach is to simply follow the rules and spend your efforts generating more online reviews on other relevant review sites. Although Reputation Minded has the capability to connect to your Yelp business listing, we advise against it as this is a violation of Yelp’s policy.

Our Yelp Recommendation

Most Reputation Minded users default to just allowing Yelp reviews to be left naturally and configure their account to only monitor for new Yelp reviews.  Those users will then configure their account to generate reviews on other relevant listings such as Google My Business and Facebook. 

We advise users against it, but if you make the decision to configure your account to generate Yelp review requests, do so knowing that Yelp could find you in violation of their policies. Any review that their platform has deemed in violation of this policy will not be displayed on your listing and it is possible they may send you a warning regarding the policy violation.  

Your Online Reviews Are Everything to New Customers


People that trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


People that say a review must be written within last 2 weeks in order to be relevant


People that would choose a business with a 3 star or below review rating


People that are more likely to use a business that has responded to their existing reviews

86% of people hesitate to choose a business that has negative reviews

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