Security Service

Daily Cloud Backups

We perform multiple backups of your WP website on our secure Amazon S3 servers (rest easy with our 1-click restore functionality).

SSL Certificates

We will make sure that you have SSL installed on your website. Your URL will show that you have SSL security with https to ensure your website data is encrypted. This will let your visitors feel secure about their data.

Brute Force Protection

We alter the default login URL, enforce strong passwords, make sure a firewall is in place with automated IP blocking that will enforce temporary and permanent bans to ensure that forced attempts to login are stopped.

Customized Login URL

We will make sure that your default WordPress login URL is uniquely customized to stop bots and hackers from gaining access through the standard URL.

Scans on Plugins & Themes

Scans are performed on your WP core, theme, and plugins and compared against previous results to ensure there have been no undocumented changes to your website.

Plugin Management

We perform weekly audits of all plugins on your website to ensure that they stay updated. Inactive plugins can potentially create security breeches, so we will remove those that are no longer in use to maintain the integrity of your website.

2-Factor Authentication

This is an added layer of security added to your WordPress dashboard, an extra step to ensure your user accounts are legitimate when attempting to login. Once this is implemented you can choose authentication via email or have a code sent to your mobile device.

Enforce Secure Passwords

All administrator user accounts will audited to ensure any attempts made by bots to gain access via a brute force attack is virtually impossible. All other users will be required to periodically update their passwords to ensure they are strong and have not been compromised.

Added Database Protection

Your website database will be secured from any SQL injection attempts. These SQL injection attacks can add content to your website by creating entries in the database. It is a very common way for bots and hackers to slip in, so we are going to secure that immediately.

Firewall Installation

Installing a firewall is a another approach we deploy that will keep the bots, hackers, and spammers from gaining access. The rules that are set in the firewall will identify any suspicious activity and immediately block it.

Imposter Google Crawlers

Yes, they even try to impersonate Google. Bots and other malicious code will attempt to trick security systems into thinking they are legitimate Googlebots. The security solution that we deploy knows the difference and will not allow them to crawl your website.

Database Optimization

Automated daily cleanup of your website database will be performed to reduce table overhead to ensure your performance is maintained and optimized.

Authentication Keys & Salts

We improve encryption by implementing a set of random variables related to information stored in user cookies. Just another way to make it even more difficult to obtain a password.

Malware Daily Scans

Your website gets an automated scan that is executed daily to identify any known or new malware, any code that could be considered malicious, and anything that could be considered a potential opportunity to gain unauthorized access. If anything is identified, we will immediately take action to remediate and repair any altered files.

Live Monitoring

We monitor your website in real time for hack attempts, this allows us to respond immediately to any potential security issues. If we identify a risk that could compromise the integrity of your website we can increase security around that specific threat as necessary.

IP Address Monitoring

We deploy intelligent network blocking tactics to prevent traffic coming from specific locations. We utilize a solution that shares IP addresses of known hackers so that we can blacklist them before any potential attempts to gain access. We also automatically block specific attempts on certain account names on the first try, no second chance allowed.

Spam Comments

We monitor all website posts for comments on a daily basis and don’t allow comments from unauthorized users. We will make sure comments are legitimate before allowing them to be seen on your website and purge the spam. This also reduces database utilization and helps with performance.

File Permissions

Your website file permissions are adjusted to ensure that no unauthorized changes are being made. This is another measure to ensure that malicious code is not added, links inserted to other sites, and plugins are not being installed without prior knowledge.