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We deliver web design projects and brand recognition for clients of all sizes and across any industry, Reputation Minded also enjoys web design projects for not for profit organizations. We understand web design and know you may just be starting out with a new web development project and are not sure what to do. We remove those fears and deliver an amazing performance optimized website with page load speeds that will improve Google ranking as well as other search engines. Our website services also include unlimited website edits and website security that is second to none to ensure your website is secure. Check out our website maintenance services and support offerings for the long term success of your website.

Our Kansas City website design experts will deliver a stunning website that converts customers. We fully optimize our websites for the fastest page load times possible because that’s what online consumers demand. Ideally your website should load in less than 2 seconds, so making sure that your website is optimized is critical. When your load times hit 3 seconds, data shows that you are potentially losing 32% of your traffic.

Our website solutions offer page caching, cache preloading, DNS prefetching, image optimization, Content Delivery Network (CDN) among many other techniques to ensure that your website load speeds are optimized for the technical SEO expectations.

If you’re looking for a tune-up or a new website, or maybe you need a website maintenance plan that ensures your website is totally secure and gets backups done on a daily basis. We have the solutions to all of your website needs.

We are talented, passionate, driven, and we never settle for less than absolutely brilliant. Our web design team is focused on enticing users to keep exploring. Our website designs are customized to engage, inspire, and then…convert.

Our website design team has the vision and passion to make your website come alive and not to mention perform and exceed all expectations. We design each website element to entice users to continue down the desired path. Your audience will feel excited when interacting with your online business because at the end of the day that excitement will generate more customers. Thinking about a website redesign? Let us unleash your next online platform.


Web design and development is our specialty. Designing and developing for various screen sizes and elements takes experience and precision, which is why our clients love our innovative solutions.

Visual Design

Our team is here for a all types of design projects: websites, marketing campaigns, logo creation, whatever you need, we can deliver.


We trust the data and our extensive knowledge of user behavior and habits gives us an edge.


Your online business is always open, ready to sell 24/7/365, and should be fully automated.

CMS Design

There are multiple CMS solutions and we will ensure that your business is matched to the correct one.

Campaign Microsites

Market specific products and drive new business with strategically crafted and audience targeted microsites.

Redesign Services

If your site is not performing and generating new business maybe it’s time for a fresh redesign.

Online Reviews Are The Deciding Factor For Potential Customers


People that trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


People that say a review must be written within last 2 weeks in order to be relevant


People that would choose a business with a 3 star or below review rating


People that are more likely to use a business that has responded to their existing reviews

58% of customers that judge local businesses on reviews say that recency of reviews is the most important factor.